Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Very Cool Sunday

It's been a very cool weekend - no desire to go outside plus the fact that there is really nothing to do out there around my house.   No problem, though.  This afternoon I have fused two new blocks and they look pretty good.   So far I have not done any machine work on them.   The grape block started out with pretty yellow grapes - but they just did not contrast with the background well enough.  They would have been smashing on black or a solid darker color!  Have been thinking of doing something in turquoise and they would have really stood out there.  You can tell so quickly when something just doesn't work.

Now I have some new pictures of the little kids and I'm going to slip them in!
 Here's Annie "making a mess" as her mom texted.  Flour, water and food coloring and painter's paper.  She is dressed for the activitiy.  What a neat idea.  I'm sure she is having lots of fun with the pretty stuff.

 On an outing to Breckinridge this weekend, Henry is thinking deeply about something on the tram ride.  Also sporting his new haircut and cool shades.

And little Miss Lauren grinning from ear to ear in her pretty hat.  Her two little bottom teeth show up nicely.  That little girl seems to always have a smile on her face.

Hope you've had a great weekend.   I did turn my furnace on yesterday although it hasn't run but a few times   It was getting chilly!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Some New Blocks, New Fabric and News from Portland

Worked on these blocks the other day and fused this pretty one with tulips.  How great the fabrics work with these patterns.
This is the second one I did that day.  The only thing I am unhappy with is that the large letter V in the left hand lower quarter is kind of distracting.  Will be careful when I cut the squares from that fabric.  I do like the fabric, though.  Nothing is appliqued down so I can change it out if I want to bother taking the applique off and taking the block apart.

Picked up a little more fabric from the Park Bench last weekend.   The first two really caught my eye. Then found three or four other bright pieces.  How can fabric get any prettier, yet it just does!

Now for some wonderful news from Portland!  Annie is going to be a big sister to a little brother!! Molly just found out Wednesday that they will be having a little boy in the family.  So now that will be two and two great grandchildren so far.  I am so happy for our family!   Nothing like the little ones.  They make the world go round!

All done itching and the swelling is gone and I seem to be back to normal after my bout with the wasps.  I was so fortunate to come out of it as I did.  Believe me, I hope that was a one time event!!
All's well that ends well, as they say.

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Not So Fun Evening

We have small sheds attached to our houses that open to the patio for storing all kinds of things - very handy.  Big enough to store some yard furniture, pots, tools, etc.   Last evening I had watered my hanging baskets and pots and decided I would get out a little scarecrow from last year and put him out by the mums Sherry had given me for my birthday.  Had not been in the shed for quite a long time-probably three or four weeks.   I opened the door and reached in to the left where I could see what it was I wanted and pulled it out.  OMG!!  Bugs flew out of there in droves and they were wasps.  They swarmed around me and I got out in the yard trying to bat them off - scary!!!  They were up my shirt, in my hair, all around my arms, neck, face and I was frantic trying to get away from them.  I was moving pretty good for an 86 year old woman!  I know I killed a few but they kept stinging me.   Wow - never had anything like that happen before in all the years I have worked in the yard.  After what seemed like ages, I finally was able to get in the house without many of them and you can be sure my heart was going pretty darned fast.  Decided to call my daughter and she came over right away.  I went and took some benydryl first thing.  We thought about going over to the hospital but I didn't seem to be having any immediate reaction other than stinging feeling and little red spots starting.  Did go to Walgreen for some cream and talked to the pharmacist who said if I started having trouble breathing call 911.  Thank heavens that did not happen.  I had calmed down considerably and was itching and burning where the bites were.  None on my face - some on my neck, probably ten or more total on my arms.  Then a couple under one arm and one around my waist on the side.  Had an awful time sleeping last night, but things are much, much better tonight.  The kids came over again later and Barclay sprayed some stuff on the nest - which is similar to the picture above.  Had never in my life seen anything like that.  This afternoon a neighbor came over and checked it out and most of the wasps were dead but there were still some so he sprayed more.  He kind of tore the nest up, but here is how it looks now--
You can see that there is part of it that looks just like the one above.  It was built around the legs of a little grill, a broom and a sponge that was on the floor.  It was a big,big nest.  I am so thankful I evidently don't have the bad allergy.  There is swelling, heat, itching and stinging but that is much better tonight.  And I am thankful I kind of kept my head and didn't completely fall apart as that would have been really bad.  It was bad enough!   Bet I sleep tonight!!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

More Scrappy Flowers

I want to make some more scrappy flowers similar to the Flower Garden I just did.  Love working with the bright Kaffe fabrics on a scrappy background.  The other day I was looking through some of my books and found this one by Gwen Marston with some great designs that are similar to the flowers in the wallhanging.  I have been scanning them and then putting it in a program I have that enables me to print the patterns out in the size I want - or at least pretty close to it.
I am sure there are many other ways, but I am able to get this done pretty well and can enlarge the patterns by cropping and working with half or a quarter at a time.  That way I can make some pretty good sized patterns to use.  Aren't these pretty?
Here is the first - and very rough!  I will be changing centers and just have some stuck on the flowers so I can make up my mind.  The leaf is also not chosen yet.  There are two there and may end up that I will use something entirely different.

Here is one that will probably stay the same.  I love the pretty orange petals of the daisies and I think the leaves are pretty good.

This one may get changed before I do the applique.  I think the three little round grapes or whatever they are will be the bright orange and maroon polka dot fabric.  Anyway it's just beginning and the fun of it is choosing the fabrics!

Today is one of the muggiest uncomfortable days of the summer.  I have stayed in all day and have no intention of venturing out.  Certainly am not complaining about this summer, though, as it's been a very nice one and you have to expect some heat and humidity this time of year.

Have found another series on Netflix that is so good!  I love a good murder mystery but it is best if it is a lighthearted murder and not too scary or suspenseful!   I started watching Poirot - an Agatha Christie mystery and they are the coolest stories.  Poirot is soooo cute - a little handlebar mustache, a dapper dresser, and just perfect for the part.  I guess he has been played by the actor, David Suchet, since 1989 and the series just recently ended.   At  present there are 47 episodes on Netflix.  It's nice that each one is a story in itself so they don't carry over in plot.  Set in the 1930's in England, the cars, clothes, architecture, etc., is such fun to see.  I especially love the big old gorgeous cars.  If you like mysteries, give it a try.

Friday, August 29, 2014

It's in One Piece Now

 On the machine ready to pin the two parts together and have it all in one piece!  Always a good moment.
Thrown on the bed after sewing the last row.  I'm pleased with its soft colors and generous size.  The middle rows took a long time to pin and sew but it is done now!
Here is my new clock - and the hands go round and round like they should without sticking togeher.  So now I know what time it is in my sewing area.
One more picture!  This is what I see when I look up at my ceiling - a very healthy, sturdy cobweb which I must get down.  Looks like you could almost turn the light off and on with it!  But that's not the case.  How do those things form?  It has been there for a spell, just have to get my fuzzy wuzzy red cobweb catcher out and harvest it!  There is one in the basement, too, a cobweb, I mean!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hot Weather Sewing

Almost done with the duckies in a row.  Applique is all done and borders pieced the decision has to be made of what fabric I will use for the narrow sashing around the body of the quilt and also for the binding.  My friend Leslie told me not to forget to have one of the ducks going the wrong way - so the little guy in the middle row is about to take off on his own.  The little bird wall hanging that I did a couple of years ago had birdies heading the wrong way.  I am really happy with this little piece - it is so bright and think even if the little one is a boy he will just love it.  I have some narrow strips of fabric on the top to see which color I like.  I kind of like the yellow.
Haven't worked on this one for a few weeks but now it is partly together.  Lots of sewing and figuring out which way to put the corner and side triangles on the rows.  Have ripped several times.  I have the rows marked pretty well, but one had no marking at all.  Think I have it laid out in the right sequence now.  This will be a nice sized quilt for a double bed with a dust ruffle.  You can get a rough idea of what it will look like from the picture.  Love the fabrics in it!

Also getting some binding done - lots of that to do!  The flower garden quilt and sunbonnet sue quilt are all bound now and I am working on the batik leaf quilt that will be Sherry's.   Still also working on the binding of the batik and Kaffe fabrics quilt.  That one will go to Bill and Ann in Kansas City.   Long way around the last two but I'll keep plugging away.

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Good Birthday!

I feel so good knowing that there are quite a lot of people including all of my family that took the time to wish me a happy birthday in so many different ways.   Phone calls, texts, facetime, cards, facebook messages, flowers, comments on Funoldhag - it was a lovely day topped off with going out to dinner with my dear daughter, Sherry.   As I said before, I am a blessed old lady!   And thank you for the lovely comments to my post.  Some of you I don't even know, but how sweet that you took the time to read my ramblings and leave me a nice comment.  All in all, I start out my journey to 87 feeling very, very good!!
Had to show you this darling card Sher found - it is 3D and perfect for an old quilter like me.  She also gave me a clock for my sewing room!!  I have been looking for one but she didn't know that.  And it is a quilter's clock!  How tickled I am with that!  Will show it later when I get batteries in it and have it on the wall above my sewing machine.  The old one I have has hands that stick together every so often so is as good as nothing.

I did get in some sewing--here are the four borders for the little ducks in a row quilt.  The other three rows are fused and  ready for applique stitching then it will be just picking out the inner small border and putting it altogether.  I also got all of the awful mess of fabric tamed in the basement and still have lots and lots of "precious" little scraps back in their little bin.  Many of the pieces of the border came from that box.

Almost the weekend.  Next weekend will be Labor Day holiday - summer will be winding down even though here it doesn't seem like there has been much of a summer.  Such a nice one, though.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Another Year Older

Today is my birthday - the 86th one!  Made it through another year and in reasonably good shape considering the number of years I have been on this earth.   I consider myself blessed to be able to do what I do and am so thankful for my dear family.  How lovely to have two kids who are just the best, and three beautiful granddaughters who have brought me so much joy.  Now there are three darling greatgrandbabies with a fourth on the way.   I am a fortunate woman.  It is amazing that a lot of the time I don't feel old on the inside--even though I know there is much I used to do that I no longer can.  That's okay, though, since I still find contentment in my quilting and blogging and working on the computer.  I am also thankful for the lovely group of quilting friends that I have who include me in road trips, lunches, etc.  You are a sweet group and I enjoy being with you immensely.  I don't have many friends my age in Midland - these girls are all much younger than I.  Sharing the love of quilting with them  keeps me enthused about our mutual obsession.

The little video above shows you a card that Leslie and Elle, her daughter, gave me the other day at Sit and Sew.  They are two of my favorite people!  It is the cutest card!!   Made me laugh and still does.  My video taking is not very smooth, but I think you will get the idea.

So, here I am at 86 and amazed that I have come so far.  I hope for at least a few more years, but there is no assurance of that.  The best thing to do is just to live, love and enjoy your life and thank the good Lord that he has blessed you with loving family, fun friends and a lot of wonderful memories!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Duckies in a Row

 Here is the first row of three rows of little ducks all decked out in Kaffe Fassett fabric.  It is all fused except for the littlest fellows eye and is about half appliqued.  Fun to work on!  Since the sex of the new little one isn't known yet, I hope it is not to flowery for a little boy if that is who the recipient will be.   When I look at it, I see the bright colors and not so much what the print is.  The original quilt has a flowery border which I will be replacing  multicolored piano keys.  What do you think?
As usual, my basement is in a big mess again.  This is made almost entirely from a box of scraps that surely looks like it should be thrown out.  But as long as a piece is big enough, I will use it.

A new stove will be delivered tomorrow.  I do not get excited about new appliances especially when I have to replace an old one.  My large burner has been out of service for quite a long time, but I really don't cook nearly as much as I did.  However, you do have to have a stove!!  So now I will have a new one.  Sherry and Barclay came over this afternoon and it was moved out and the floor underneath it cleaned.  It was as bad as I had envisioned.  After the new one is installed, I will take a mop and do the rest of the floor.  Have also mastered putting down a wet cloth and using my foot to wipe up the floor.  If you can't do things one way, you invent another method!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

On a Trip to Target

Saturday shopping about to begin at Target somewhere in Colorado - and it looks like it is eagerly anticipated by two cute little kids!    Mr. Cool (Henry) and Miss Congeniality (Lauren) are the cart riders.  Go faster, Mom and Dad!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another Little Baby Quilt

Since I am going to be a great grandma for the fourth time, I am going to make another baby quilt.  I sent for this pattern after seeing it on the internet and thinking it was so darned cute!  Little Kaffe Fassett fabric duckies!  It was a downloadable pattern so I got it instantly.  As of now, whether the baby is or a little boy or girl is not known but I thought this would be for either.  The border will not be a floral one.  Since I have the little sunbonnet quilt and the flower garden hangings all quilted, I am now starting this one.  That does not mean that I am all caught up on my ufo's by any means!   Doubt if I ever will be, but I justify it because of the fact that I do finish a lot of things.  Works for this old gal!

This is what I have on the wall in the basement so far which is really not much.  Notice the fabric that is blue and white and rather zebra striped - I thought that would be perfect "water" when I saw it.  I even bought enough thinking I would use it as backing.   Something just doesn't gel with that fabric.  So I cut a couple of strips from another piece that I bought for water also and liked it so very much better!  When it works, it works - when it doesn't, it doesn't.
I have almost all of the little pieced blocks done and am really liking the look.  The piecing, trimming is not so much fun but it's worth it.  All of the little duckies will be different colors with orange beaks.  They each have a little wing, also.  I am making it about six inches wider - 11 triangle blocks instead of nine which adds six inches.   In the top picture, I have just thrown some strips up along one side to see how I would like the border.  That maybe the way I go.  I really like that look and it adds to the scrapiness of the piece.   The colors in the last picture are the truest.  I was fooling around with the other picture and made it too bright.

This weather today is unbelievable!!  What a summer!  I have had nothing to crab about (that's not the word I usually use!) since we have not had any big heat spells or really hot, humid days!  So nice!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Nice Week

Annie came to town Wednesday and brought along her parents.  How great to see them all again and to see how much Annie has grown!.  What a sweet little girl.  She talks a lot for her age and is such a good eater.   She loves veggies and fruits and almost everything.  Don't think I've ever seen a little one who will eat that way.  She and her grandma and grandpa are having such a good time together.  They all went back up to the cabin yesterday right after we had some breakfast at Big Boy - thus the picture.  She was fascinated with the rocks as she has been doing a lot of throwing rocks into the lake at the cabin.

While at Sherry's the other day, she got out some of the girls' and her old dresses-some she had made and some I had made.  What fun to see dresses I had sewn for Sherry when she was small.  I didn't realize how many of them she had.  There was also a darling dress that she had smocked for one of her girls.  She has always been a good seamstress but has not had the time for it for years.  Then there was this little wallhanging that I made for Hannah in 1989.  I had forgotten what it looked like.  Back then, we didn't quilt as closely as we do now and quilts were much puffier.  This one is hand quilted and hand appliqued.  I brought it home but, of course, it will go back after I have taken it to show and tell. Such a difference in the fabrics and styles from the present.

Tuesday when I went out to lunch with some of the girls, Linda brought me the quilt she has quilted for me.  As usual, the quilting is beautiful and I am so happy with it.  This one is for my daughter and I will get it trimmed and bound soon.
Here is the border - gorgeous quilting.
And the strips of leaves.  I really love the colors in this quilt - they are all batiks.  The binding will be the dark brown stripe.

Haven't we had just gorgeous weather?  I love, love, love it!  Hope your weekend is a great one.