Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Planting is Almost Done

Before planting...............................................

On each side of the back steps, I have pots. This year I put red fountain grass in them along with some dusty miller, bronze leafed begonias, allysum and a pretty trailing plant with white flowers. Oh, yes, and one flowering kale. Should be pretty - at least it's different than I usually plant.

As you can see, my garden is not very big but it's kind of pretty.

Pretty geraniums in a cool basket I bought last year.

Two new little Austrian pines (really slow growers) a faux black kettle (there a couple of real ones on the patio), the old wagon wheel and refreshed red rocks. Replaces a before picture.

Red sweet potato vine and ornamental kale along with some sweet allysum in an old "sauerkraut" crock. The kale really comes into its full beauty when the weather cools in the autumn. Hope this is pretty.

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