Friday, May 23, 2008

Time to Plant

Gorgeous plants. (Click pictures to enlarge)

These two flamingos replace my old plastic ones - I have had pink flamingos in my garden for over 20 years. Aren't they great?

It's finally planting time - keeping my fingers crossed that the chance for frost is over - but have some fabric "blankets" in the basement if it isn't. Spent yesterday going to three favorite nurseries and buying lots of plants. Here are part of them waiting to bloom where they are planted. Today I planted and used up almost everything I brought home. This weekend I will have to buy some more as there are still some things I didn't get finished. It's all container gardening now but that is good for me at my age. Gardening isn't as easy as it used to be but it still is fun and I still want my flowers. Today I was thinking of Mrs. Abbott - a neighbor of mine when we first moved to the Kansas City area. I imagine she was the age I am now or maybe older or younger. There were a lot of flowers in her back yard - lots of asiatic lilies that her husband had planted and taken care of. I don't know how long he had been gone. She was such a sweet little lady and she and I would talk flowers. She had an old tractor seat on legs and would sit on it and do her gardening. So I was thinking as I sat down to do something that I am kind of like Mrs. Abbott now. Will post pictures of my planted garden later. It's lookin' good.

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Uncle Bill said...

Hi Mom,

Ann and I think your blog is excellent, and your patio looks awesome. It's just like reading a magazine (only better)! Tell the Goff's we said hello. Your camera takes fantastic pictures, the color is perfect.

Love, Bill & Ann