Monday, June 2, 2008

A 50th Wedding Anniversary Quilted Card

My daughter and son-in-law will be going to Oklahoma City this weekend for the celebration of Barclay's cousin and wife's 50th wedding anniversary. Sher asked me if I would make a little quilt using the picture of the young couple that was in the invitation. This is what I did and it is all finished except for the area directly above the picture. I want to get a pretty ribbon, make a bow, and twist and turn the ribbon tails and hold them down with little pearl beads. The girls will be going to Oklahoma also so they will have a chance to have everyone together. I am sure they will all have a wonderful time. Don, the groom in the picture, is the preacher who married Sherry and Barclay in a little chapel on the campus of KU in Lawrence, Ks. A couple of days after the wedding, they discovered he didn't have the authority to marry them in Kansas, so they were remarried at the city hall and they have two wedding dates.

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QuiltinCanuk said...

Carol - they will love it!