Monday, July 21, 2008

Moonflower Quilt

From the book by Kaffee Fassett entitled Kaleidoscope Quilts. Ruth Eglinton is the quiltmaker. I actually used most of the fabrics listed but replaced some of them with other choices. Love the quilts in Fassett's books and love the fabric. I have also done the big red diamond quilt and will post it's picture later when I get a good photo of it. The fabrics he uses are so rich and beautiful colors. When I quilted this piece, I did some of it in the stones pattern and find that a nice one to use for fill. (Click to enlarge)


Elvira said...

Hello, I found your blog. He is beautyful. Thank you. I am from Munic/Germany.

Ruth Eglinton said...

Hi, it's lovely to see my design made up by someone else, great job :)

Ruth x