Friday, July 25, 2008

Here's "Just Love Red"

The red diamond quilt from Kaffee Fassett's Kaleidoscope Quilts. I used some of his fabrics but also some others which I thought blended in very nicely. This is the top before it was quilted and I had that done at the local quilt shop (LQS right?). There is a "design wall" in my basement - actually flannel that I put up with push pins into the wood at the top of the cement wall. I did the whole end of the basement that way so can have lots of things up if I wish. Laid the entire top out, then stacked up the diagonal rows - carefully - and sewed them together. Back on the wall they went and when all were sewn I started sewing the rows together. Worked out great. Next post, I will put up a couple of pretty kaleidoscopes!

(Click to enlarge)

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Karen said...

All your quilts are wonderful. Love your design wall idea. I think I could do that in my sewing room. Almost left my seat when I saw your butterfly quilt. I bought the magazine just for that pattern. Think I'm going to make two smaller versions. I selected Kaffe Fassett fabric for one and Maypole by Moda for the other. Nice bright fabric for both. I am going to hand applique the butterflies. Can't wait to see what you make next. Sure am glad I found your blog.