Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Antique" Skirt

Here it is - Carol's Calico Skirt!! I mentioned in an earlier blog an applique skirt that I made in the mid-seventies when I was still a young chick! A little while ago I was in the basement and checked a couple of storage boxes and found it in the second one so brought it up and took it's picture. Thought you younger quilters might be interested in what type of fabrics we had to choose from back then. As you can see, most of it was double ugly!! Quilter's dots, small calicoes and solids were about all that was available when quilting took its big resurgence around the bicentennial. Of course now - the fabric is to die for!! You can never be too rich, too thin or have enough fabric! Anyway, here is my skirt that I thought was so wonderful. Had a book called Mountain Artisan Quilting Book (no longer have it but found a picture of it on the internet) and saw the picture of a skirt like this which I thought was so cute. As I recall, there were no instructions for the skirt in the book - but it was a long time ago and I could recall wrong. I cut out the front and two back pieces, added batting and then started appliquing the flowers which I satin stitched (kind of). Added the waistband and bound the bottom in black. It is really kind of primitive but I have a soft spot in my heart for it. I (Click to enlarge)
Do you know what, I think this could probably be a gorgeous skirt made up in some of today's fabrics. I can see it in batiks - or Kaffee Fassett's - or Amy Butler. All glitzed up with shiny threads, beads, paint. There is this about quilting - no way will any of us get done all we would like to do but it is certainly fun trying. Enjoy!!


QuiltinCanuk said...

Carol - this skirt would actually be very "in" these days - you see lots of styles with things appliqued on - especially for the fall/winter - as my nephew would say "way cool"! J

Maureen said...

Groovy skirt! lol
Some kids like wearing vintage clothing. Maybe one of your granddaughters would like it.
Thanks for sending the link to Barbara Brackman. That was a fun trip down Memory Lane.

diegoagogo said...

Oh My Stars!! I just love this skirt & I know several friends who would love to own it! & have no qualms about nagging me into making them one.
Isn't it funny how some things just work no matter the time? I wish I had that kind of look.
If you don't want to keep it, I would suggest you put it on Ebay international & watch it fly.
Thank you for sharing it, I may have to bookmark the idea for a quilt?
Yes, I too have a very long list of "plans" LOL
London, UK

Pattyskypants said...

If I had that skirt, I would hang it on the wall as ART! It's gorgeous! xxoo

viridian said...

I remember those prints from the 70's! Double ugly indeed. I doubt there will ever be an reproduction of THEM. I could be proved wrong however....