Friday, August 29, 2008

From my Needlepoint Days

Starting back in the early 70's when we lived in Newton, Kansas - the least favorite place the Santa Fe transferred us to - I took up needlepoint which I did for eleven years. I made lots and lots of pillows and pictures and even a couple of vests. One day I will get the vest out and take a picture of that. There are also still a couple of unfinished projects in the basement which will most likely stay that way - unfinished! I just sketched out on canvas a rough drawing from a picture in a magazine and then filled it in with lots of different stitches and colors. I do know that there should have been shading on the house. We will just call this folk art! For some reason, I really like this and it hangs in my living room. Again, I found the neat frame in an antique shop and we framed it ourselves. I did this in the late 1970's. The last cloud on the right reminds me of a little worm! Figure that's okay as you are supposed to see different things in clouds, right? (Click picture to enlarge)

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