Monday, August 11, 2008

A Quilt Named "Finally"

A switch for me since I usually do machine applique and hand quilting, this quilt is one that I hand appliqued and machine quilted. It was going to be much larger - in fact, I have some extra finished blocks left - and the blocks were on my flannel wall in the basement for a long, long time. I was at a point when I didn't want to handquilt any more large quilts. I had done many of them and it takes so long; but I don't feel that I can wrestle with a large quilt on my sewing machine and was also not that comfortable with machine quilting. So I pared it down. I really do like the way it turned out. You would need just the right space to hang it as a wallhanging. I think that in most cases, lots of us quilters are making pieces that appeal to us and we just have to do them instead of doing them for a specific purpose. Of course, there are always the ones that we do as special gifts for people who are so very special in our lives. This one is named "Finally". (Click to enlarge)

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