Friday, August 1, 2008

This little piece doesn't have a name

This is one of the wallhangings I mentioned in the preceding post. Fused and buttonhole appliqued. It's one of those pieces that I am not 100% with for some reason. I have made so many quilts and wallhangings (over a 30+ year period) and am more enthused about some of them than others. Interests change, also. Things are so very different now than when I started quilting. The tools, patterns, methods - it's incredible! Some day I will take a picture of a quilted long skirt I made in the 70's - I thought it was the coolest thing. Huge calico flowers satinstitched in black. I saw it in a book and made one myself. It really is a hoot but with a black turtleneck, I was all dolled up. And when I look at it now I yearn for that little waist!! Oh, well, I will be 80 in three weeks and I am blessed with good health and most of my brain cells so life is good and I'll never complain.
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quiltmom said...

Hi Carol,
Your winding ways or wheel of mystery quilt of batiks is really gorgeous- I love all the wonderful colors- it looks so rich.
I am planning to make this pattern in the fall. Your color choice is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.