Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To My Family

It is so hard to put into words what this past weekend meant to me. No one around has a nicer family than I. Sher and Bill, you have been the best daughter and son to your Dad and me and I continue to be able to enjoy being your Mom and spending time with both of you. I am so proud of the way you have both grown into such incredibly wonderful people. And you both chose lifemates who are the cream of the crop. It has been a privilege to be your Mom. I consider myself a very fortunate woman to have lived the life that I have. I have eighty years of memories - some sad, of course, but mainly happy ones.

Norah, Molly and Hannah - if we could have handpicked three little girls for granddaughters we could not have come anywhere near how great the three of you are. Being grandparents was a joy for Grandpa and me - and it still is for me. You all realize, I know, how much we both love you. You are the cherry on top of the sundae of life!! How's that for a corny expression - but it's true. Norah and Molly, your taste is men is impeccable! Chad and Doug are two fine, friendly cute fellows. Both are easy to talk to and it is clear that both couples seem to really have a loving relationship. They certainly have my enthusiastic approval! And, Hannah, if you want that guy that swims, go get him!! He certainly could never find another girl as good as you, sweetie pie!! I am sure there will be several boyfriends in the next years before you find "the one" and I want you to enjoy the search!!

The gifts you girls gave me - wow, they make me cry! I have never doubted that you love me - we all have mutual admiration societies and equal fun has been had with all of you. There are pictures that I had never seen and that is lots of fun. The scrapbooks and Hannah's power point leave me at a loss for words. The paper Hannah did for credit is so cool. All I can say, is Thank You, my dear granddaughters, from the bottom of my heart. I love you all so very much.

Sher and Bill, the http://funoldhag.com/website is just so much fun - and, from the work that I do on the computer, I know how much time you both put into that with the scanning, planning, e-mailing, phoning, etc. and Bill putting it up on the internet. I love having a website and I will learn to upload to it. And the stained glass quilt block is absolutely beautiful. I will hang it today or tomorrow after I get some nice chain and some S hooks. My thanks to you also goes to my other son and daughter, Barclay and Ann.

This was the happiest birthday I could have had. The weekend was wonderful - the best company, good food, lots of laughs, some nice wine - how can that be topped. You will have a hard time topping it for my 90th!! Hope I am here - LOL

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for my birthday celebration. God bless all of you and me, too. I love you.
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QuiltinCanuk said...

Carol - it sounds like you had a wonderful time - and what a good looking family! Here's to turning "20" ;->.