Friday, September 12, 2008

I Have a Chamber Pot Collection

Way, way back in the 1950's after we had moved for the first time away from Chillicothe to Ft. Madison, Iowa, I brought a chamber pot back from my parents' home when we went for a visit. Dad had always taken care of some summer cottages that belonged to the people they rented from - we moved into that house when I was 7 years old and they lived there for quite a few years after Ray and I married. There were three cottages - one belonged to the older mother and two belonged to each of her sons and their families. The elderly woman was referred to as "Grandma Lynch" and she had, as I didn't know then, a house full of treasures. Wish I could see it again. Anyway, she gave Dad an old chamber pot. When I saw it, I went crazy so Mom and Dad gave it to me. That started my collection. Really didn't get any more for quite awhile as extra money was hard to come by. However, through the years, I have acquired over three dozen potties in one form or another and will post some from time to time. Hadn't had a new one in a long time, but just a few weeks ago a friend and neighbor of mine here at the condos gave me one she was going to get rid of. It's very pretty and loves to be here at my house with all the other little potties! Thank you, Jane!! I will post that soon, also.
I am never sure of the order in which the pictures come up and I have not learned how to move them arround in the way I would like to have them, but my very first pot is the one with the raised flowers on it and a kind of ratty plant in it!! Then there is a pretty one with a lid that I have on a chest in my dining room. Two small ones - one with an eye in it and one that says it's the "Best Seat in the House". One of my favorites is the oak commode that I found at an antique show in Peoria. You can also spot another pot under the commode. Kind of like "Where's Waldo?" When I bought that, we told our youngest granddaughter that it was our third bathroom. (Click picture to enlarge)


quiltincanuck said...

Just goes to show you people will collect anything! I knew you had some but not that funny. J

Karen said...

I have "one" chamber pot. It sits on the floor, in my bedroom, under an antique dresser. Guess what is in my chamber pot? Potpourri!!!!