Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Pillowcases

Just finished pressing the rest of the pillowcases I made for the ConKerr Cancer project our guild is participating in to furnish colorful pillowcases to children of all ages in chemo. We are to bring them to our first fall meeting. According to the newsletter there are already 55 so it will be fun to see how many more are added to that number. We needed pieces for children from very tiny to older teenagers so it calls for a vast array of patterns to appeal to all ages. Bless their hearts - may these add a bright note to their lives and may recovery be complete.
(Click to enlarge)


Carol said...

I think all you would have to do is sign up for a Google account by clicking on "Sign up here".

bluecloudhouse777 said...

Carol....The pictures of the pillowcases looked so good. What a great idea to put them on your blog.
I enjoy reading and looking at all the pictures you have posted. Everything is so colorful. I think I also have the P. Buckley Moss print of the quilters...I have to find it and have it framed after seeing yours!
barbara e.