Monday, September 15, 2008

My First Completed Quilt

In 1984, I finally completed a quilt in its entirety. This is called "Pink on Pink" since it is a wholecloth quilt with nothing but quilting. The only difference is that I quilted four rows of three big blocks each and four borders. I then put them together after they were all finished. Believe me, that is something I have no desire to do again. It really turned out well but it is a hassle. I actually have another machine appliqued and pieced quilt in the basement that was done that way except it is not finished! Will take it's picture one day, too. Maybe someday someone will find it and finish it off. It is about 30 years old so I doubt if I will finish it myself. The fabric I used for Pink on Pink is a beautiful cotton satinlike piece that is just lovely. I picked it up at a store that sells decorator fabrics. Quilting it was incredibly easy and I found that I was able to take really teeny tiny stitches. Also wearing a thimble on each middle finger was my salvation for handquilting. I know I could not take those small stitches now, but I am enjoying doing machine quilting and getting some better at it. (Click picture to enlarge)

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