Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An Older Strips in a Bag Quilt

Have to start planning my "round robin" quilt (not really an authentic one) and get my part done before the next guild meeting. Looking through some pictures, I found one of a really cool Strips in a Bag quilttop that was done two years ago, I think. Fran, the owner of this top, did the panel with the two giraffes. The fabric used in the sashing and for the water and background were all included, along with animal prints, etc. I cannot remember who did the darling zebra, scary snake or the sneaky cheetah, but when I got the bag, I thought it might be time for a person. So I did the lady with the basket of bananas. Even though we had some really great and varied other tops, Fran's could not be beat. I must try and remember to ask her if she has quilted it - she should bring it to Show and Tell! (Click to enlarge)

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