Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September Meeting and ATCs

Tonight was the start of the new year for Quilters Squared quilt guild - what a great turnout! We are growing by leaps and bounds. I want to welcome all the brand new quilters, the ones who have been here for awhile and all the gals who have been here for varying lengths of time including forever and ever. It is hard to get around to everyone at the meeting, but please know that we want you to keep coming back and enjoy with us the joy of quilting!! I urge you to join in the challenges and projects we have regardless of whether you are a veteran quilter or a novice. Each and every one of started out as a beginner!! I feel bad that sometimes I have a time remembering names - but please forgive this old woman!! I eventually get it all together! You are going to enjoy being part of Quilters Squared - it is a very good group of very good women. Nuf said.

I will now post the Artist Trading Cards that four of us are still doing. The theme for September is Kitchen Kitsch. Top row - Julie and Carol - Second Row - Debbie and Claire. What fun!
(Click picture to enlarge)

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quiltincanuck said...

Carol - thanks for posting the ATC - I am actually going to do the Round Robin (my first!) but trying to decide what "Canadian" holiday to celebrate.... looking forward to a great year. J