Saturday, September 27, 2008

Still have More Chamber Pots

When we moved back to Chillicothe in 1984, one of the things I loved to do best was go to auctions. There were lots of them. You usually had to plan to spend most of the day there if you wished to bid on something that was a long way from the auctioneer at the beginning. They were a lot of fun and you could find some great things. At an auction at an old farm west of Chilli I bid on these three pieces and got them. The big chamber pot has one of the handles missing but the smaller one and the pitcher are in good shape. This probably had a pitcher and bowl with it at one time. At this same auction, I bought a couple of boxes of sewing supplies and there were a lot of goodies in those. What fun going through them. There were lots of old embroidery transfers, old floss, needles, etc.
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Anonymous said...

How cute! I have never seen a chamber pot!!
I myself have 2 pitchers with bowls and I love them. Your Hygientist, Tracey