Friday, October 24, 2008

Chilly, Rainy Autumn Evening

Kind of like evenings like this - it's so cozy inside! Look what I found at Joann Fabrics this afternoon! Had no intention of buying fabric - went there for thread - but of course gave the fabric aisles the once over. Joann's has been stocking some pretty nice fabric in the last year or so and some of it is almost as much as the quilt shops. The other day I saw some lovely batiks in there for $10.50 per yard. Anyway, there in the Christmas fabric (on sale 50% off) was this very lovely toille (I think that's the way to spell it) and I could not resist. I also picked up some other pieces to go along with it. Have not checked my stash downstairs yet, but I am sure there will be something there, also. One of the ladies in our guild (Barbara, you know who I mean) is doing a scrumptious "redwork" in a lovely seafoam green to go with a matching color toille. It's so pretty and will be a stunner when she gets it done. I have seen some patterns for smaller wallhangings on line and will seriously look now and send for one. Have been noticing on some of the blogs I read that quite a few people are doing darling stitcheries or stitcherys - take your pick of the spelling. Don't you think the fabric is pretty? (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Hi Carol, I can hardly wait to see what you create with this festive fabric collection. I may have to stop by JoAnn's and buy some for myself. Leslie :)

Amina said...

Great finds..! I will certainly shop at Joann to get similar fabric.