Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cleanup Day

The leaves are flying around out there!! Today is the day Kutchey's came in to make the first fall cleaning of fallen leaves. There will be at least one more! We had a really good hard frost last night that got the pretty begonia and impatients on the front stoop and in the big pot under one of the front windows. As I (and lots of the other residents here) have done in the past, I pulled the dead plants from the pots and carried them down to the woods where they can turn into compost over the winter and next summer. Have been doing this since 1998. By the time I had pretty much finished what I was doing, the crew moved into my yard. It's only about 40 degrees out there, but I was really warming up after several trips down the street with my wilted flowers. They were all so pretty this year - got lots of compliments on them. My Dad passed on his love for flowers to me (and my sister, also) and I feel that I have passed it on to my daughter and she has done the same to two of her daughters, also. We will see how her youngest takes to gardening when she is older. She does have a plant in her room in the house she is sharing with five other Michigan State students! That's a start.

Am posting a few fallish pictures - one is the incredible berries on the mountain ash tree. It is loaded and the limbs are literally hanging down from the weight of the fruit. There will also be flowering kale - it is beautiful but did not do as well as I thought it would. I love to hang things on the fence and side of the house - so there is a cute pumpkin (from where else? Joann's) and an old scarecrow that I bought at a craft fair here in Midland probably a dozen years ago. I couldn't find him for a year or two but he showed up last year again!!! I just love him. Happy Fall!!
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Karen said...

Here today it is a sunny 40 degree day (no hard frost yet) and I am going to bundle up and get some yardwork done. Look at all the berries on your mountain ash. Beautiful!