Friday, October 3, 2008

Forgot I Had Done This One

I was looking for something in the basement and ran across this little wallhanging from probably six years ago - when redwork was really making a comeback. Along with it, I had put some fabric for the binding and I am going to cut some and bind this little hanging. It is kind of cute and I like the colors. Can you spot a mistake I made? I forgot to mark and then embroider the lines representing the gathers in the skirt of the little girl in the center. I don't think I will do anything about it, though. There are wrinkles in the embroidered blocks which I will try to get out - poor thing had been folded a long time. I did this before my quilting became more presentable, but I don't think I will quilt the blocks with the little girls since it seems that they might not quilt smoothly unless I quilt very closely. Will let well enough alone although I could sew a little dark red bead where each french knot is. Have to think about that. Looks fallish, doesn't it? (Click to enlarge)

1 comment:

Karen said...

So sweet. I can't see a mistake.