Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is late this year so Christmas is closer than we might think. I hope everyone is having a good day with lots and lots of good food and people you love to share it with. This is a relaxing holiday (except maybe for the cook) with not weeks of preparation to enjoy the day. Below is part of my contribution to our dinner this afternoon - the Crazy Orange Salad. I posted the recipe earlier and it is mighty good.
And this is the recipe for my pumpkin pie. Have been using this one since the mid-70's and it has never failed. Click to enlarge the picture and you can read it well. In the late 90's after we bought our computer, I did a cookbook with lots and lots of recipes from over the years. I gave them to all the girls in my life and several of them are using it on a regular basis. I love to do things like that.
I digress - I want to wish you a lovely day - and to the rest of my family, Bill and Ann, Norah and Chad and Molly and Doug - I love you and wish we were all together but know you will be with someone else you love! And Christmas is coming! xxxxxxxxxx000000000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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andy said...

I had to say how much I enjoy your blog, Carol!!! You are such a talented and interesting friend and neighbor!! And I am going to try the crazy orange daughter will love it!!!

Angi Baker Creations said...

Oh that looks yummy!