Thursday, November 13, 2008

Machine Quilting Class II

Look at the pretty one Leslie did!
A couple of our quilters having a great time!

What a fun day! We had the second all day machine quilting class at the Civic Arena and there were ten of us participating. Three of our group today - I had planned on taking more pictures and did not get it done. The same as last week, we watched the dvds purchased by the guild for the library and then tried to duplicate what we saw on our practice "sandwiches". Kathy and Stephanie hosted again this week. The dvds were from Patsy Thompson Designs, Ltd. Really good video and Patsy did a wonderful job demonstrating the designs.
I have a long way to go but I'm getting there. We were doing what Patsy called hyperquilting. Eveyone was getting the idea and once you catch on the rest is practice, practice, practice. Kathy, one of our hosts, has certainly caught on to this!!! Her work is just beautiful. You go, girl!(Click to enlarge)

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Kim said...

Beautiful! I bought a Pfaff just before we moved to South America because I want to try my hand at machine quilting. But I feel rather intimidated at the thought. I'd actually bookmarked Patsy Thompson's website but wasn't sure whether I should by her videos or not. You've convinced me! I've passed the info on to my hubby and said that's what I'd like for Christmas :-)