Friday, November 14, 2008

You Never Know What You Will Find on the Web

Here is my much loved old clock which I grew up with and have heard ticking and chiming most of my life. After our parents passed away, I brought the clock back to Kansas and have had it ever since. When I was online the other day looking at blogs, I went to a site called Sweet Cottage Dreams and in the November 2nd entry there was the picture below. Wow, my clock's sibling is all decked out for Halloween. The story is that a friend of the blogger, who loves to decorate her home for Halloween, had the body of the clock and took it to a designer to have it outfitted for the holiday. I hope they don't mind that I put this picture in my blog. I knew instantly that they were the same.
A kind of haunting little story goes with my clock - when we moved from Kansas City back to Illinois, we actually bought a house that was only about a mile from where I grew up. The clock was wrapped in a blanket and on the back seat of the car for the move over since I didn't want it in the moving van. We stopped at our new house when we got to Chillicothe and then took off to go to my sister's where we were spending the night since the moving van was coming next day. We crossed the railroad tracks at the street where I grew up and the clock struck in the back seat! Ray and I were both dumbfounded. There had been nothing heard from it all the way over to Chilli. The next day when our furniture came, I was telling the movers about the clock striking in the back seat. One of them was a black man and he said "That's your people!" Hard to imagine what made it strike - maybe it was my people. (Click to enlarge)

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