Saturday, November 1, 2008

YoYo's and Teddy Bears

In the late 1980's when teddy bears were everywhere, I made some. Here are three of them. I had named them after flowers but cannot for the life of remember who is who. The little blonde bear, I think, I called Sweet Allysum. There is a picture of another bear - which I think was the first one and was named Nicotania - in a post on potties earlier in the blog. They really are cute but were quite a daunting task to make. And, the yoyo coverlet----there are over 1100 yoyo's in it. I got started on the yoyo project because of my sister - she was so ill for a long time and she still did handwork. She was working on yoyo's when we went back to Illinois to visit her. When I got home, I cut out lots and lots of circles and sent them to her. Also cut some out for myself and started making yoyo's. Decided on putting them together like the grandmother's flower garden with the white path between them. It's a very pretty coverlet. Will take another picture of it one day so that more can be seen. My sister has been gone nine years now. The little heart pillow is one that Hannah made in a class in school that is evidently like what we used to call Home Ec.
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Karen said...

Love the Teddy Bears and the yo-yo coverlet is so beautiful.