Monday, December 29, 2008

Back Home from Kansas

Home again after a really wonderful time with my family - any time we are together it is so good. I was also able to see my sister's (I miss her) sons and their families for lunch on Saturday. It was bittersweet since my youngest nephew and his wife lost their youngest son in an accident at work just a few weeks ago. My heart bleeds for them. Life has so many twists and turns and is so hard at times. A loss like that can never be overcome completely. I pray for strength for them and for his brother to make it through this terrible time - they were a tight family.

Coming home today we were on the airplane and the pilot announced that we had a slow leak in a tire. We all left the airplane and went back into the terminal. They were "going to try and find a tire there at MCI" - well, there was no tire there so one or two had to be flown in. It is kind of funny that they didn't have something as basic as a spare tire! Lots of moaning and groaning and comments, naturally. That was a six hour time spent in the airport and it called for rebooking and standing in line for an hour or more. Finally, they did get some new tires and we were off to Chicago and I finally got home about 9:30. I have become more mellow in my old age and don't let that stuff get me riled up. Really, I don't want to take off in a plane with a bad tire - don't think it would land so well! I am home now, having a glass of wine, and will soon go to bed and get rested up, go get my mail tomorrow (I will have Christmas cards!!) and get ready for a new day. I have lots of pictures and I will post a couple - then eventually get back to quilting. This, however, has been a wonderful week with the ones I love the most. Hope yours was the same!!!

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