Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Love this Picture

This goes way back to 1956 just before we moved away from our hometown to go to Ft. Madison, Iowa. Sherry was 5 1/2 and Bill was 3. Mom and I took the little kids to Peoria to Block and Kuhl's department store to see Santa Claus. They were so excited and so cute - this one makes me smile and tugs at my heartstrings. How did 52 years slip by so quickly?
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Leslie said...

Oh Carol, I remember going down to the Goddeynes Hardware and waiting in line with my brothers and sister and telling santa that i wanted a new bike with a banana seat and a sissy bar. That was one of those metal things that went way up high and you could rest your back on it. Or in my case your older brother could hold on to it and keep you from going forward on your bike. lol Always believe in the spirit of santa. I do. Leslie