Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Daughter Made This Cute Little Piece

This darling little wallhanging was done by Sherry, my daughter, probably about 25 years ago for Bill and Ann, her brother and his wife. It is not quilted - there is no batting - but she machine appliqued it. I had almost forgotten about it when Ann got it out and hung it for the holiday. What a great job Sher did! It's such a cute pattern. I give my girl an A+ on this one. There is such a difference in the fabric available back then and what is out there now, but the fabric Sherry used really works great and the colors are wonderful. It really says "Christmas".
(Click to enlarge)


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Anonymous said...

See you in these things, I think, I started feeling good!
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MARCIE said...

Isn't it funny that we both posted this quilt? I had forgotten all about it. And you are so right about the difference in the fabrics. I don't even know where the pattern came from. but I don't think I bought fabric for it--just used from my stash, which was nothing compared to today! I am having fun looking at your blog. Thanks for visiting mine!