Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally Figured It Out

Usually when we are working on our round robin quilts for our yearly quilt show, we slide by the month of December and don't have to bring them in until our February meeting. This year that has changed since we are having our show in March instead of April so we needed the full five months to get them done. This is the fourth round and in January we will do our fifth and final one for the February meeting when each one will get back her own little quilt after the final reveal. Then they have to be sewn together - some of the girls even get them quilted. However, they will all hang together quilted or not. We always see all except our own at each meeting. I have been kind of stewing about the one I have this time and had not figured out what to add. Today, I got down to business and finally figured it out and now have it finished. I won't show any of the quilt I have except for what I have done - don't know if the owner of this quilt looks at my blog or not. Don't want to spoil anything for her.
Next inspiration I need is for the little trading cards the four of us do. The theme this month is "Time" - so I am mulling that around in my mind. Eventually the light bulb over my head will light up! I have until Tuesday. (Click to enlarge)

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Leslie said...

I too finished my round robin today for Tuesday. I did 2 blocks in the afternoon after the funeral that I had to attend. Sitting and needle turning always makes me feel just a bit better and lifts my spirits. I added to the large skate block that I showed at the sit and sew an aditional small block of 2 little hearts. I am glad that this is done.