Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lopsized Logs

Yet another challenge wallhanging for our 2004 quilt show. Don't even remember if this was a log cabin challenge for sure but it was a 20 x 24 piece. I used all batiks in this one and a really cool striped piece for the binding, in some of the logs, and the center strip. Batiks are so gorgeous. Let's face it, I don't think I have ever seen a piece of batik I didn't want! I am not quite sure what I was trying to get across with the little circles in the center of each block. Maybe I was thinking about happy little balloons on strings breaking free! Probably more like I felt that it just needed a little something more. (Click to enlarge)


Karen said...

Yes, batiks are gorgeous! The circles finish it off nicely.

Anonymous said...

Well Carol there is nothing wrong with thinking it needs a little more, seems to be my motto, more not less. Stay warm tonight it is going to be very cold outside. Leslie

FeatherDuster said...

What a neat piece.