Friday, January 9, 2009

Photo Taking Session

Melissa came over this afternoon and our task was to take pictures to be used on note cards to be sold at our quilt show coming up in March. She has one wonderful camera. I had scrounged around and found all kinds of old things that we used to set up little groups of still life plus some that she had brought along with her.

I took some pictures, too, with my Sony and here are a few to give you an idea of how we carried out our assignment. We also got some wonderful old Egyptian wall hangings that Alice has and Melissa photographed those, also. They will make lovely cards, too. Do you think people will buy these? I know that Melissa will get pictures that are much better. However, this gives you an idea of how they will be.

This picture is kind of a salute to my late husband - his shoes, book and wooden toy are in that one. His mom kept so many things and I am eternally grateful to her for that. (Click to enlarge)


QuiltinCanuk said...

Carol I think these will turn out great! I certainly will buy some...thanks for all your hard work on this for our show!

leslie said...

Carol I also think that these will be just great. I will buy some also. Remember that i will do the putting together when the pictures are ready. Leslie

Anonymous said...

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and I love it. You really inspired
me as Im sitting here feeling old with a sore knee at 55.I could tell from your blog you are a sweetheart. Thanks, I will be following you for sure.