Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something Bright for a Snowy Day

The weather today is really cold, snow and windy. Hope it slows down so we can have a meeting tonight since there are only two before the quilt show. I think this may be the snowiest winter that we have had since I have lived in Michigan.

Every year at our guild's quilt show, we are given a challenge to take if one wishes. In 2007, this was my entry which I called Flying to the Fiesta. This year we are challenged to do an altered playing card and the one I drew was the 5 of hearts. Have an idea and fabrics gathered, but I have to get my act together and get it started. That should be a fun display - all of the pieces are to be 20 x 24 with rounded corners. (Click to enlarge)
Note: Just had a phone call from Kathy who has organized the challenge quilts for a long time and I had the wrong dimensions - the correct ones are 21 high x 15 wide. All of the others have been the larger size so glad she caught that!!
And, Kathy, your comment came through great!! Good for you!


Angi Baker Creations said...

This snow is making me crazy! We moved up here in august so we thought this was normal for here. Good to hear it isn't.

OH thanks for the DVD site I ordered the 1,2 and 3 of them. I am excited to watch and learn.

Stay Warm!

Anonymous said...

Carol, ok I posted a comment on the wrong date. Again 15 x 21 for the challenge. Kathy

Jewels said...

Beautiful Carol (as always) - Love the "hot" colours with all the "white" outside...