Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun-Filled February Q2 Meeting

On a very springlike evening (what a nice break after all the cold snowy weather here in Michigan) we had our guild meeting. First up was a guest speaker, Ron, demonstrating the routine cleaning you can do on your machine. Four people brought along a machine so there would be a mix that would represent what most of the members were using. The above picture with all the smiling faces shows Ron demonstrating on Melissa's Janome - Melissa was the recipient of some good natured teasing for the lint Ron found. One of the girls brought in a Singer Featherweight that she bought at a garage sale for $2.oo! It was in wonderful condition but needed to be gone over. I think they figured it was made in about 1967. She didn't realize what she had when she bought it - just thought it was a cute little machine. Jewels can still be found!! The four of us who exchange ATC's did "Shoes" for February. Deb wasn't there, but Claire was back and brought along her January card also. Above are the cards made by Carol and Claire.

Here is Julie's pretty little girl and Claire's "Time" ATC for January. Next month we will be doing "Bling" - gotta think about that one.

And, our grid game round robins are all back with their original makers. They all turned out to be really great. Here is my very pretty Colorful Christmas! We certainly have talented ladies in our guild. This really turned out super! I am having a problem figuring out who the fourth person other than me worked on my piece. The label is signed by and notes left by Emily, Julie and Lori (thank you, thank you!!) Actually Lori forgot to sign the label but I will get her to do that later. I can't make out who the fifth one is. Have to do some detective work on this one. Loved Julie's account of her adventures in adding her part to my piece, and Lori left me a cute note about deciding what to add for her share. Am wondering if she has a sketch of that reindeer she mentioned! Plan to have this together and quilted for our show. (Click to enlarge)


Karen said...

How cute is your round robin!!!

Melissa Lile said...

Thanks a lot for this post! LOL. I think my face was as red as the shirt I was wearing that night!!!!!!