Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Potpourri of Posts

Blogging is truly lots of fun. I had no plans to do any blogging this afternoon - I had an appointment for a haircut and it's time for a trip to Kroger. The snack drawer is empty and I can't have that! But---when I went to start the car, it just growled at me and I knew it was not going to take me anyplace today. Poor old thing, it's about 10 and a half years old with give or take 31,000 miles - probably rusting to death or dying of boredom. It is the battery, though, and it's also in need of sparkplugs and a "flushing" of the coolant system - plus an overdue oil change and new wiper blades. I am hoping they also wash the dirty little thing for me. Someone will come get me and take me out to pick it up and we will be back together again. It has been a good little car and gets me where I want to go. Will make a new appointment with Rose and go to Kroger tomorrow so today I will blog a little bit.
Yesterday afternoon, I took this picture of the side of my carport. The warmer weather on Sunday made the snow on the roof slide down and it left this arch of snow resting on the snow below it. This is next to my neighbor's porch. The tracks in the snow I am sure are turkey tracks. We have three of them scrounging around looking for food. They always visit all the folks who have bird feeders in their yards. A couple of years ago there were fourteen or fifteen turkeys visiting all the time. They can really mess up the street and sidewalks - have to watch where you step.

This is the blue circle quilt that I started last summer or fall - it's ready for quilting. I have several in need of quilting now so will have to get to that, also. After I looked at the picture, I saw something I would like to undo but will not, of course - I have two light blocks right next to each other. I have really been spending a lot of time quilting but figure this is the perfect time of year for that. As I get older, I feel that it's so much more important to enjoy doing what you enjoy while you can. Therefore, there is not much cleaning or cooking going on at my house! (Click to enlarge)

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Leslie said...

Sorry to hear about your car Carol. But hearing that you have no snacks in the goodie drawer is a much bigger problem. I so hope that you can get to the store soon. Leslie