Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Old, Old Picture

This picture is for Jonathan, a friend who visits my blog and likes old pictures. I thought you would enjoy this one of my mother, grandparents and aunt and uncles taken probably somewhere around 1920 in Peoria, Illinois, their home town. Cool convertible, right? And the wheels and fenders are something else. Note the carriage lights under the windshield. Grandpa looks really proud of that car. My mother is the first lady on the left in her pretty big hat with her little sister, my Aunt Leah, between her and my grandma. Then my Uncle Ed in the back and my grandpa and Uncle Ham in the front seat. The only family member not in the car was my Aunt Nelle who had married and moved to San Francisco. I hope you enjoy this picture, Jonathan, and I hope that you are feeling better. May God bless. (Click to enlarge - it enlarges great!)


Jonathan Jay said...

I LOVE this picture!!
I would really like to print it and put it on my wall if that is okay!! Thank you!!

amylynn said...

This is awesome, I wish I had some old pictures to show off too.
Keep postin'!