Monday, March 23, 2009

Going Through Bins in the Basement

This weekend I was going through plastic bins of fabric and a few old projects that I never finished and probably never will. I ran across these quilt blocks that I had intended to be a large, hand-quilted piece when I started it about 11 or 12 years ago. There are quite a few applique blocks that were in various stages of completion. About four of them I had already done in satin stitching, which I don't do much anymore. Anyway, I started playing with the blocks and came up with this group which I buttonhole appliqued.

Almost all of the fabrics are tiny prints which you don't see much of these days. Actually, there are some very pretty, dainty little patterns.
I like this little bird block, but would have picked different fabrics for the flowers. Decided to let it be, though.

This one I almost screwed up and it was the most work with 44 little grapes to go around. I had cut the background larger than the pieced blocks. In trimming the applique block to fit the pieced one I messed up and cut it too small. I was not about to lose this one so I made it fit - the seam on the block is quite small but won't be handled a lot so should be fine. Senior moment?

Just a nice little block - easy to do and one that fits right in.Ditto this simple little pattern. Now I will figure out a border - there are a lot of 2" squares that I had cut out and I may work with those or I could do a vine with appliqued flowers. I certainly had no intention of working with this when I went to the basement this weekend, but it just seemed to be the designated task.
I wonder when I will quit wanting to do everything that I see--and I wonder if other quilters feel the same way. As I have said before, I will never be bored!
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Karen said...

Very pretty! A nice Spring quilt.

Leslie said...

Oh, what a great find. Your basement must be just a treasure chest of finds for quilters. Oh to spend just an hour or so down there and dig and dream.

QuiltinCanuck said...

Remember your adopting me, right! ;> Very pretty - do you know what you are going to do with the "leftovers"? I'm sure you will coming u with something. J

Anonymous said...

Fabric designs sure have changed lately.
After visiting a new quilt shop I felt
like ALL my fabric stash was way outdated.

FeatherDuster said...

That's so pretty. I love that bird block!

I worked in a fabric store all through the 80's, so I have lots of that "little print" fabric. I still love every one of the pieces I have...I really *must* figure out a project for them!

Kim said...

This is just lovely! It would make a lovely wall quilt for a nursery, don't you think? Well, it would look great in any room but my first thought was "nursery quilt"!