Monday, March 9, 2009

I Found a Great Book

This afternoon I was at one of favorite stores - you know the one, Joann's - with a whole raft of coupons in my purse. Naturally, one of the things I always check out is the book shelf - and see what I found! It is just a darling book.When it comes to quilting, I have so many favorite things and kind of hop from one project to another. I love pastels, bright colors, earthtones and go from batiks to Aunt Gracies to African and from the lovely brights to the beautiful romantic florals I love applique which can come in many forms. I have done needleturn, satin stitch, machine buttonhole and fusible web. Piecing was not my favorite thing for a long time, but now I have done a lot of the curved piecing blocks and enjoy that plus paper piecing. So many fun projects and methods out there. Looking through this sweet little book, I see that some of the little sunbonnet ladies are dressed in batiks! How's that for combining styles? I may have to try one of those. This was a good way to spend one of my coupons! (Click to enlarge)

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Jonathan Jay said...

Glad you found a good book! I always get so excited when I find a new booka bout something I love. I don't know a lot about quilting but I am fascinated by your pictures and the work you have done.