Friday, March 13, 2009

I Have Some Pictures for You

Here are some of the entries in the Not Playing with a Full Deck Challenge. They are really creative and fun and there are 49 of them - great participation. (You will notice blue ribbons in some of the pictures. Can't remember if I mentioned that everyone gets one blue ribbon - with a silly reason attached to it - we are a fun group. The actual winners are always determined by viewers choice.) This Queen of Spades is so cute and so classy in her flowery hat! She has real silk flowers on her bonnet. This great card was done by Tam.
We have three "Kings" - of course, you would think of Elvis when you hear that word. I don't know who I can give the credit for this great card and I apologize.
I do know that Lori made this fellow with his unusual microphone!And Ann is responsible for the third king--plus look what else Ann is responsible for! She makes the most incredible dolls and this one has it's very own doll. Her work is exquisite - a true artist. To be continued------
(Click to enlarge)


Karen said...

Love the Queen of Spades!

Jewels said...

Arn't they great! I'm going to try and getting pics of all of them. Thanks for posting....J