Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An Old Family Picture I Didn't See Until a Few Years Ago

Unlike today when people have boxes and disks full of photos, there were very few pictures of our family taken back in the thirties when we three kids were little. Some time back, my brother Bud (or Chuck as everyone else calls him now) sent me this picture I don't remember ever having seen. This is the only one I can recall of my Dad and the three of us. My little sister, Joanne, is on one arm of the chair and I am on the other, with Buddy on Dad's lap. I cannot remember Dad ever wearing white pants but he surely did. I love this picture. I have other pictures that were taken on the same day but none with Dad in them. This was undoubtedly taken with my Mom's really old box camera - and it did take good pictures. (Click to enlarge)


Karen said...

Wonderful photo!

Leslie said...

your dad probably has his sunday goin to church pants on, huh!!!! Lol

Jonathan Jay said...

our old photos are my favorite!! Love it