Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some More Applique and Playing with the Little Bluework Blocks

I had two more blocks cut out and fused to the background so this morning I appliqued them .I am always drawn to the patterns that have grapes or cherries in them. The circles are not bad to do - just takes a little time.

These blocks are so much fun to pick out the fabrics for the leaves. Kaffe F. fabric has such huge flowers in some of the prints that you can find great stuff for smaller leaves. Kind of turns the fabric into swiss cheese, though. I try to take what I need as close to the same spot as possible so I don't ruin the whole piece.

Then I spent an hour os so playing with the little bluework blocks. I had soaked them all in some special soap I bought someplace and it did clean them up quite well but there still are signs of the hoop in some of them. By the way, when I spritzed them with water and ironed them, they smelled wonderful!! Whatever that stuff was that I used was really great smelling. I found this setting on the internet and thought that the little triangles in the corner of each block would detract from any faint stain. They really look pretty good. Also found three more pieces of fabric to go with the blue from my Aunt Gracie stash. I like the touch of red. (Click to enlarge)


Janet said...

I agree, the touches of red are just right. I recognize one of the fabrics from my stash. I too have a collection of blues waiting for the right moment.

Karen said...

Love the setting (and fabric) of your bluework block and the grapes. Sweet!