Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some More "Much Needed" Fabric

You know what? I really have to live on for another 20 years at least to use up my fabric! And it's hard to resist books, also. This one I spotted on someone's blog and thought it looked interesting so I checked out Amazon and found it there. This book is by two women who have a quiltshop in Australia. Have noticed when browing through blogs that many of them are by Australians and they do really great work. Stitchery is also very big there - and in
Europe, also. So many fun things to do. Sometime back I went with some of the girls over to the eastern part of Michigan and we stopped at a little quiltshop called Pig Patch Farm (there were others, too, of course!). It was a great little shop. I have since ordered several times from their website - they are very prompt with their shipping. I found these pieces on sale so ordered a half yard of each. Love the colors and they are all from one collection. Have no idea what I will do with them, but one day will pull other pieces from my stash and use them with the above pretty fabric. The little shop does not have a huge selection, but I enjoy checking it out once in a while.
Now these are fabrics I will work with soon. Part of these came from Pig Patch Farm and part from Wish Upon a Quilt. I am thinking of traditional applique with these darling prints and some coordinating solids. You know, maybe I should try for thirty more years instead of twenty! (Click to enlarge)


QuiltinCanuck said...

I vote you live (healthy) forever ;->. Love the last collection you plan to work with - save me your scraps, I'll show you a new technique I've been trying....J

Leslie said...

I hope that you get 30 more Carol!!!! Leslie