Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some Pretty Birds Stopped By this morning

As you probably know by now, there isn't a heck of a view to look at from my house. However, I am not complaining--I love my little place! It's just right for an old hag. Occasionally, there is a nice diversion and this morning one came along. Actually, a week or so ago this happened but I wasn't able to get a picture.
These are cedar waxwings - about the size of a cardinal and with a tuft, also. The first time I ever saw one was years and years ago in Iowa. It seems like they must migrate through since they are never around for long. When we spotted them the first time I looked them up in a bird book and found out what they were. The pictures aren't too clear but I took them through the window behind the curtain. The birds are easily spooked. Then I isolated the single birds in one of the pictures and enhanced them. I think they turned out pretty good. Funny, I didn't think birds liked the berries on the mountain ash tree, but the finches ate them last fall and now these fellows are enjoying the dried ones this spring. (Click to enlarge)

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