Thursday, March 12, 2009

We're Ready for OOHS and AAHS!

The Carriage House is the wonderful site for Quilters Squared annual quilt show. This shot is down the center aisle and at the back wall is our exhibit of Not Playing with a Full Deck. Will take more pictures over the weekend and show you examples of the wonderful work Q2 members do.
There is always a bazaar where some of the girls make items for sale and also we bring in unwanted books, magazines, fabric, etc. - all the great things quilters love. I did a little early shopping and bought this old, old iron (see the cloth cord) that is not a steam iron and has no holes in the soleplate. Great for fusing!
A few of the magazines that are on tables in the kitchen - books are on another table. People love to browse through these. We have made a tidy little profit from this little endeavor - kind of replaces vendors for our small - but beautiful - show.

Here's Julie - Just Tickety-Boo - who spent the day, with some good help from several of the other girls, getting the items ready for sale. To be continued.

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Jonathan Jay said...

Pictures are awesome!! Love the Iron!!