Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a Difference a Color Change Can Make

I should stay out of my basement - I start playing with some fabric and end up getting involved in working on another project. This time I was going through some fabric I had gathered together to go with the little lavendar and cream wiggly stripe that I bought on sale at Material Mart a long time ago. Then I got out more fabric and a really cool book that Julie gave me the weekend of our quilt show. I have a book by the same author that I have had for a long time, but this one has all of the blocks in the original plus enough more to make 101. I just love the blocks in that book. Anyway, I have made four blocks and am now working on the fifth. The size is eight inches and pretty simple so actually doesn't take long to do after you decide on the fabrics. This block had been completed ready for applique but I just wasn't too taken with it. It needed something - so I decided to give it something bright - don't you think it makes a big difference? Just changing the little cherries from the lavendar (which looked okay) to the hot pink really gave it some sparkle. Picking the colors is something I really enjoy when it comes to applique - it's amazing how they just seem to fit together when you hit on the right combination. (Click to enlarge)

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QuiltinCanuck said...

Carol - SWEET - I'm so glad you are using the book and you are absolutely right - one simple change can make it go from so-so to VAVOOM! J