Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a Pretty Day!

Stopped for groceries yesterday on the way home and found this pretty little shamrock to come home with me and live at my house. Love the red leaves and dainty flowers.
Also stopped by the quilt shop and picked up two more pieces of blue (the two dark ones from the right) to go with the little bluework squares. That shade of blue is not being shown in abundance at the present time. The ones that I have on hand are quite old and I do like them. Will continue mulling it over and it will finally fall in place. I could mix in other colors but I want it kind of muted and soft. How do you like the little piggy?
I will be going back to the show this afternoon and will take some more pictures that I want to post. So, to be continued--
(Click to enlarge)


Karen said...

I love the little piggy!

barbara jean said...

I love the embroidery! I also have a stain remover for you to try...seems to work for almost everything. If you are running short of the 'blues', I saw a wonderful collection of them at the Quilted Cottage in Saginaw yesterday. See you later at the quilt show.
barbara jean at Spellboundhouse

Jewels said...

This will look very pretty when it all comes together Carol. Can't wait to see it done! I'll have to show you the "blue blocks" I saved one day - just a couple but you will appreciate them...