Thursday, March 5, 2009

Working with the "Aunt Gracie" Fabrics

I have been wanting to do something with the 1930's reproduction fabrics for some time now. Just a short time ago I ordered some on the internet and it's in with other that I already have. I have this really great book that I bought quite a few years ago and which I have used a lot of times. My quilt Fun with Folkart has most of these blocks in it plus some others. There are some in my little white wool quilt, also. The applique is sweet and it's easy to do. So I will be using these patterns
When I was looking at things on the net the other day, I noticed that the author, Nancy Brenan Daniel has another book out - it's called something like 101 Applique Blocks and it appears that it has many of these same blocks in it. Will check that one out for sure, although I have an abundance of patterns! I love them, though, so what the heck, right?

Here's an inside page and it shows the one I am working on now - the cute little shoes. Just perfect for fusible applique and buttonhole stitch.
This is the first block - I stuck it on my ratty little portable design wall to take it's picture but it does the trick. I found the pretty white on white dots at Joann's. Love it. These will be done on point and I'll find some way to border them or a block to separate them - haven't figured that out yet. (Click to enlarge)


QuiltinCanuck said...

Carol - very sweet - I may have a couple of books you'd like to borrow - will bring them next week! J

Karen said...

That's a great book. Love the first block. Can't wait to see the shoes.