Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Past

I did a little searching and found these from 1956 - Sherry was almost 5 and Bill 2 1/2. This was one photo, of course, but I isolated their images for calendars I did for everyone a few years ago and don't know where the original photo is. I can't imagine that I found the file on my zip drive so easily. Just thought this is very appropos for this day and cute pictures of my little kids. Hope I don't embarass them too much, but they were so enthusiastic and cute!! (Wish I knew how to place the pictures side by side or how to move them around after they are uploaded. Will stumble on it one day, hopefully.)

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QuiltinCanuck said...

Heh Carol - great photos - I did a little checking into the "side by side" question cause I would like to do the same - I think I have it figured out - lets noodle on this one together! (search using words blogger photo side by side in Google - came up with a bunch of hits)...see you soon! J