Sunday, April 26, 2009

Four More Little Blocks

Four new little blocks - the first one on the left has not been stitched yet, but the other three are all done.

Don't know how many of these I will make, but have an idea for a layout and it would need six more. It won't be very big - I don't seem to be making any large quilts anymore. Fun to do the smaller ones and try different colors, etc. (Click to enlarge)
Note to self: I thought I had these two rows side by side - but as you can see that isn't the case. The reason is I had checked the box for "medium" and that just won't work - it has to be small. However, I am not going to delete these and redo the post. Will just try to remember next time!


QuiltinCanuck said...

Heh Carol - were these all from the book! I especially like the Blue and Green one - though they are all gorgeous - curious to see how the all turnout together....J

barbara jean said...

Do you have a fabric fairy in your basement weaving all these wonderful fabrics for you? The choice of colors for the flowers are them : )
...and I can't wait for you to show us how you do the buttonhole stitch around all of them!

Anonymous said...

cute choice of background fabric!

Karen said...

Beautiful blocks! The fabric is great. I think my favourite is the orange block.