Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If You Like Vintage

drop in on for a cute post with lots of pictures of collections, quilts, and some really cute bottle aprons that she made for members of the Clothesline Club. There are so many really fun, really pretty, really addictive blogs out there!


Janet said...

Thank you for visiting my post,"Princess Lily". You don't have an email connection so...Girls are really precious. I love my boys and my two grandsons but have so much fun doting on my 3 nieces, now in their 40's, and their 7 children (4 girls). There is still hope for a grandaughter with my other son. I have also been blessed with two daughter-in laws that I love and they like spending time with me too.

QuiltinCanuck said...
Carol - go check this out I'm sure you will enjoy the stories about Alice and Edna (there are two postings two read) Thanks for this link - an idea for our Guild? I especially liked her other posting about hankies (I am jealous). J