Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nan and Charlie

Another old picture, around 1920, of two people I loved very much - my Mom and Dad. They must have been on a "date" and went duck hunting! Love the way Mom is gingerly holding the duck. They both look so happy! I have always thought the lady walking back up to the cottage (probably after looking at the duck) is my Grandma, but don't know for sure. My grandparents, who lived in Peoria, had a cottage (the Sionilli--Illinois backward) in Rome, Illinois, along the Illinois River and that is where my parents met. Another picture I love. (Click to enlarge)

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Leslie said...

Oh man, he was a real romantic wasn't he, your grandpa. That is exactly what i would want to do on a date, boy oh boy have times changed, huh Carol.