Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sit and Sew Day

Enjoying our once a month guild get together is Linda, on the left, and Nancy on the right. Nancy is a long time member of Q2 and does lovely work. Linda is a much more recent member and she does wonderful work, also. She won viewer's choice in two - maybe three - categories at our recent quilt show with her intricate and beautiful paper piecing.

The third Tuesday of each month is Sit and Sew Day for Q2 members. You can bring your machine, handwork, your lunch or not and spend the day with other quilters in a really great room in a lovely church. The lighting is good and there is plenty of space. We can come early for our guild meetings and chat and socialize, but the time is short and it's hard to see everyone or get to meet some of the new members. I think we will be doing this through the summer months, too, so it will fill in for the guild meetings we don't have. I certainly hope we do, anyway. Above is a picture of Tam working on her darling Aunt Gracie quilt.

Here is Barbara on the left and Alice on the right each working on their chosen projects. Come join us next month if you can.

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Leslie said...

Great pictures Carol, I do enjoy the day also. Maybe we should do an occasional Saturday for our working girls so they can enjoy a day of sittin and sewin. lol I will work on that.